What is Nebraska’s License Plate?

And What Does It Mean?

Nebraska’s License Plate Features the Genius of Creative Energy Mosaic in the Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol is unique in how it utilizes artwork. The lead architect, Bertram Goodhue, was a master of using artwork and ornamentals to elevate the meaning behind a building. For Nebraska’s State Capitol, he wanted to use the building’s artwork to tell the story of Nebraska and her people.

The Nebraska Capitol stands out because the artwork very much directed how the Capitol would be planned and built. Other capitol buildings feature beautiful artwork, but were added as an afterthought.

The Nebraska license plate features the Genius of Creative Energy Mosaic, located on the threshold of the Capitol. This mosaic kicks off the theme of the Capitol floors surrounding the very creation of the cosmos. The Nebraska license plate was an opportunity not just to highlight the beauty of the Nebraska State Capitol but to also educate the world about the artwork within and the meaning behind it all.

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