Charles Clement


The United States Survey by Charles Clement

The United States Survey by Charles Clement

Charles Clement was born in New York City in 1921. At a time when art and architecture were moving toward clean, unadorned designs, Clement was known for bucking the trend and creating depth with three-dimensional artist abstractions that elevated the architectural intention of a building.

in 1943, he graduated from the Franklin School of Professional Arts with a degree in illustration, industrial, and general design. He worked with seasoned muralists before opening his own studio for design and illustration. Clement spent some time taking additional courses through Brooklyn College, The New School, and in Aix en Provence located in France.

After marrying, he and his wife relocated to Tuscon, Arizona, where they built their own home and studio in the Tuscon Mountains. Clement spent the remainder of his time in Tuscon, where he worked as a freelance artist. His wife was closely involved in the production and development of all his work. The two of them spent much of their time developing Tuscon’s artistic identity by promoting modern art.

When he was awarded a mural for the Nebraska State Capitol, he constructed it outside his studio in Tuscon because it was too large to fit inside. Clement died in 1981 but is still considered to be an important figure in Tuscon’s history.


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