Lakota Sun Dance

Designed by Hildreth Meière

Woven Tapestry

Lakota Sun Dance by Hildreth Meière

About this piece

The Lakota Sun Dance is located in the Warner Chamber and was designed by Hildreth Meière. The tapestry depicts 10 Lokata Native Americans performing a ritualistic sun dance. The Native Americans depicted wear various headdresses and also have various numbers of eagle feathers. Eagle feathers were given for acts of bravery in Lakota tradition.

The feathers near their faces are shown in various directions to depict the movement of these individuals as they perform their dance. On top of the tapestry are nine Native American Thunderbirds and on the bottom is a row of eagle feathers.

About Hildreth Meière

Hildreth Meière

Hildreth Meière (me-AIR) was one of the greatest American muralists of the 20th century. She was a pioneer in her field and created a more modern approach to murals that differed from the academic traditions at the time. She blended several classic influences, including classic Greek vase painting, Byzantine Mosaics, and Native American beadwork into a style known as Art Deco.

Up until her death in 1961 she acknowledged the Nebraska State Capitol as her crowning achievement.

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