Fall Harvest

Augustus Vincent Tack

Fresco Mural

Fall Harvest by Augustus Vincent Tack

About this piece

The lunettes within the Governor’s private office represent the four seasons of agriculture. Fall Harvest depicts a group of workers cooperating to get their harvest out of the field. One is sharpening a scythe, one works with a wheat cradle and the thrid gathers the bundles of wheat.

About Augustus Vincent Tack

Augustus Vincent Tack was born in 1870 in Pittsburg, PA. He studied art at St. Francis Xavier College and the Art Students League of New York. Tack was an exhibition artist and his work was frequently displayed at prominent galleries in New York.

In 1923, Bertram Goodhue asked Tack to plan and execute a program for the governor’s suite in the Nebraska State Capitol. The murals were officially installed in 1927 and the Governor’s Suite was opened to the public on January 1, 1928.

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