About the Nebraska Capitol Artwork

An Artistic Vision

The Nebraska State Capitol is arguably the most beautiful and impressive state capitol building in the US. One aspect that makes it unique, is its use of artwork throughout. When the architect of the Capitol, Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, laid out his vision for the capitol, the artwork was a key feature. Goodhue was a master of using artwork and ornamentals to elevate the meaning behind a building. For Nebraska’s Capitol Building, he aimed to use the building’s artwork to tell the story of Nebraska and her people — he hit that mark exquisitely.

Goodhue worked with Nebraska-born philosopher Hartley Burr Alexander to thematically craft a program for the artwork and inscriptions throughout the building. This thematic narrative is cohesive throughout the building and tells the story of our state.

With this website, we aim to bring that story to life and once again tell the story of Nebraska. As you navigate through the artwork, you will gain a deeper understanding of our shared history and the stories that connect us. If you’ve never been to the Capitol or if it’s been years, we encourage you to make the trip. The best way to experience this building is in person.

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