Experience Nebraska State Capitol Art

Experience the Artwork of the Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska Capitol is Unique Because of the Artwork

When the Nebraska State Capitol was designed, the art received as much attention as the columns and stone that hold up the building. The artwork of the Capitol tells the story of Nebraska. It tells us where we came from, how we govern, how we live, how we create, and more.

This website is meant to tell those stories once again. As we take time to consider our shared histories and stories, the artwork within the Nebraska State Capitol reminds us of where we started and where we can go. The Nebraska Capitol Art Experience also celebrates the men and women who made the building what it is today.

Genius of Creative Energy by Hildreth Meière

Genius of Creative Energy

Hildreth Meière

Labors of the Heart by Kenneth Evett

Labors of the Heart

Kenneth Evett

The Homesteader's Campfire by James Penney

The Homesteader’s Campfire

James Penney

The Virtues by Hildreth Meière

The Virtues

Hildreth Meière

The Blizzard of 1888 by Jeanne Reynal

The Blizzard of 1888

Jeanne Reynal

Earth as Life Giver by Hildreth Meière

Earth as Life-Giver

Hildreth Meière

Warner Chamber Doors Designed by Lee Laurie and carved by Keats Lorenz

Warner Chamber Doors

Designed By Lee Lawrie
Carved by Keats Lorenz

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